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Happily Vacationing in the Land of Not Coping

I currently teach high school English. I love books; I read almost constantly, everything from bestseller crap to nineteenth century novels that could cause major blunt force trauma. I also spend a great deal of time keeping up with current events and politics. When I'm watching C-SPAN at 2 a.m., I feel a warm glow of solidarity with the other 20-odd people I know are watching too. My favorite show ever is the smart and funny and profound Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I've suffered a lot of incredulous looks from the uninitiated, but I've converted several people to BtVS too. Finally, I am a huge movie buff; I love the whole experience of sitting in a darkened theater and completely suspending my disbelief, at least, until, you know, the idiot sitting behind me has to take a call. But I still love the movies...